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Do You Have A Tree Problem We Can Help With?

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Our Business is all about tree trimming, tree pruning and tree removal in Flagler (Palm Coast) and Volusia County. Trees are very important to any home owner or commercial property. We care about trees and preserving them if at all possible. TD’s Trees Service goal is to save, preserve and beautify your property while adding value and curb side appeal.

Peace Of Mind

TD’s Tree Service is more than just a tree service. We offer the peace of mind that comes with full insurance and cheerful responsiveness to your wishes and concerns. We look forward to servicing your tree needs with our professional grade equipment and expertise.

Commercial Property Maintenance

T&D’s Tree Service specializes in annual and semi-annual commercial tree trimming and property maintenance.

  • Entry and Exit Area
  • Sidewalks and Trails
  • Ponds and Creeks
  • Nature Preserve Areas

Tree Trimming

Crane Service

Extra Large and Very Tall Tree Trimming and Pruning are no problem. We have mobile, mechanical crane buckets with trained staff. Safety for your property and our staff are our highest priority.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is a last resort. We remove trees that may cause damage to property or people as well as insect infestation and diseased trees that may contaminate and harm other trees and wildlife.

Storm Cleanup

TD’s Tree Service is prepared at all times for hurricane and wind damage tree clean up of commercial and home property. Our goal is to get your property back to normal function. We handle all debris removal, large downed trees and work closely with local utility companies for everyone’s safety.