Protect your trees with revolutionary trunk injection technology! Trees Provide Tremendous Value To Your Home. Be sure to retain your property value by protecting your trees from pests, disease, and nutrient deficiencies.
We inject Arborjet’s products directly into the transport system of your trees to ensure the treatment is: Fast Acting – Effective – Environmentally Responsible – Long Lasting
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Once tree problems are identified, our tree service professionals will put your trees on a custom Arboriet Treatment Program.

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To ensure satisfaction, our tree service professional will revisit your property to inspect your tree and recommend how to keep them healthy.

How does trunk injection help you?

Your trees add tremendous value to your home.Trees are susceptible to a wide array of insects and diseases that could damage this value. We inject formulations directly into your tree and help retain your property value, all while limiting exposure to you, your family and the environment.


How does trunk infection work?

– A small plug, called the Arborplug*, is inserted into a drilled hole in the tree.

– A needle is inserted through the Arborplug and the treatment is injected.A precise dose of formulation is injected directly inside the transport system the tree.

– Formulations are quickly distributed through the trunk branches and leaf tissue.

– The Arborplug keeps the injected formulation inside the tree and it stays inside the tree with no adverse reactions, The tree grows right over the Arborplug.

How much does trunk injection cost?

Application cost is based on:
– Product used
– Trunk diameter
– Labor for application
– Frequency of application
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Learn how to measure tree diameter at and search tree diameter.

Who else uses Arborjet trunk injection?

Arborjet Trunk injection is used by the USDA Forest Service, City foresters, resorts, researchers and tree service professionals.

Why choose Arborjet trunk injection?

– Fast acting
– Effective
– Environmentally Responsible
– Long Lasting

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