Tree Trimming / Tree Care

A professional tree trimming not only looks good, but it also is good for it’s overall health  by removing the dead, dying, and diseased limbs to encourage new upward growth. We strive to do our best at cleanup and haul away of the debris on all commercial, residential and state jobs as required.

Stump  Grinding / Removal

T&D Tree Service has the right equipment to handle any stump grinding job no matter how big or small. We have the capability of removing and grinding stumps in small hard to reach areas like beside sidewalks, near delicate landscaping, and even inside pool enclosures. Our large stump grinder is capable of grinding any size stump.

Tree Removal

We have the equipment and expertise to complete any tree removal no matter how big or small. We provide risk assessment services for free to determine what trees would be a threat to your house or property. While we usually try to preserve the trees there are cases like storm trees where removal is the only option. T&D Tree Service is licensed and insured to handle any type of tree removal both commercial and residential.


Let us bring the firewood to you. We offer pickup service as well. We supply Volusia, Flagler, and Brevard counties with firewood all year long Call, Message, or Email us for your Free Firewood Delivery Estimate.


T&D Tree service is the only tree service in the area with the expertise to treat your trees for nutrition, fungal, or pest problems from the inside out with ArborJet’s award winning tree injection system. Often with one application we can treat any tree for up to a year. Palm Trees love the nutrition that they get from the ArborJet system and has saved  many homeowners from having to do expensive fertilization methods that can actually hurt the nutrient uptake of the Palm tree if done incorrectly. We take pride in treating and saving all types of hardwood trees and palms with this proven ArborJet tree injection method.

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